Fashion Show And Couscous At Le Souk


A crazy lady (in a good way) named Gina Grado, who likes to bare her boobies and dance around dark nightclubs, invited me to dinner at Le Souk Harem last night, which was capped off by a fashion show by stylist/designer Omar Alexander and Kristine Guico.

Omar is one of the better-liked people on the scene, so I was right there on the third floor, which was relaxed but ambient and full of fishnetted clubbies.

I had the paella, which was chock full of great stuff and even had a tinge of a Moroccan vibe to go with its Valencian roots.

But everyone around me was inhaling from a hookah–I haven’t seen this many hookahs in one room since the old days of Times Square, ba dum pum–and I must admit I was getting a little queasy, like the dormouse at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but with way more attitude.

Fortunately, the fashion show started before I could get that much of a contact high.

And it was quick and full of vinyl and goth/futuristic/sexy fembot attire.

The place was dark, but you could spot the models strutting through a clearing in the room, the whole thing lasting about five concentrated minutes, like really good sex.

And then I floated out of there on a puff of hookah smoke and the scent of clams.

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