Cyndi Lauper Was Great At B.B. King Last Night


She did an intimate concert to benefit Hearing Health Foundation.

“They told me not to play too loud,” she told the crowd, wryly, “but if you’re having hearing trouble, I said, ‘Maybe we should play louder’.”

And she played at full force. Cyndi has a wonderful way of doing her hits without any sense that she’s being rote or obligatory. She brings a freshness to the renditions, as if it’s the first time, and plays around with the form too.

“In case you were wondering if I’m still a wanker…” she said before launching into “She Bop.”

She also supplied “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” “All Through The Night,” “Money Changes Everything,” and “True Colors,” all done with brio.

When the audience was acting too staid, she demanded they stand up and act lively.

“What the–can I say fuck?–fuck is wrong with you people? Do you have lungs? Then fucking sing, for fuck’s sake.”

She was heard. And so they sang. And they were heard.

It was a grand fucking night for hearing.

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