Fork in the Road’s Updated Dim Sum Dictionary


Fo tiao qing, braised pork tendon

Way back in 2009, Fork in the Road offered readers an original dim sum visual dictionary, our tool to carry with you as you seek out the best small-plate parlors in the city. It was intended to be a resource for identifying and enjoying the traditional dim sum dishes that abound from Sunset Park to Chinatown.

In anticipation of the upcoming Chinese New Year (which begins this Sunday), we decided to polish up our chopsticks and refer to our sourcebook. While we’ll still rely on the established dim sum standbys Dun Huang and East Harbor, we’ve also sought ought meat-free plates at Chinatown’s Vegetarian Dim Sum House.

Here’s our updated dim sum dictionary.

Foong jow, braised chicken feet

Sio mai, pork dumpling

Har gao, shrimp rice-noodle dumpling

Dao fu fa, fresh homemade tofu

Pie gwat, pork spareribs with rice starch and black beans

Law bahk go, white turnip cake (fried)

Law bahk go, white turnip cake (pudding)

Jean yong chang jiu, chiles stuffed with shrimp paste

Ha chong fun, shrimp rice roll; Cha siu cheung fun, pork rice roll

Ja leung, cruller rice roll

Char Sui Bao, baked pork dumpling

Lap cheung bao, Steamed sweet bao

Gai lan, Chinese broccoli with caramelized garlic

Hai zhe, poached jellyfish

Gnao pak yip, braised cow tripe with orange rind

Heen, clams with black bean sauce

Vegan Turnip Cakes

Fried Banana Rolls

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