New York Fashion Week Kicks Off With a Scavenger Hunt by Band of Outsiders


Don’t have an invitation to Fashion Week? No problem. Scott Sternberg, the designer behind Band of Outsiders, has never liked a traditional runway show. He’s had models rappelling onto the catwalk like rock climbers and swinging in hammocks on a manmade sandy beach at Milk Studios. Last summer, he put a male model in the window of a gallery in Paris for 60 hours and let the world watch via live stream as he went about his day (periodically changing outfits, of course).

And for this Fashion Week, if anyone wants to see Sternberg’s fall 2013 collection for men, he or she will have to join a 12-hour scavenger hunt in the city that pits two models–Matt Hilt and Miles Garber–against each another. The best part? You can join in the game. As the models receive their clues, so will you on the label’s Twitter and Instagram feeds. The first person to solve a clue, find these good-looking gentlemen at their destination, take an Instagram photo with one of them, and upload it is eligible to win a Band of Outsiders knit hat and button and a cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar (it better be cornflake marshmallow or forget it).

Upside: There are 10 chances to win. Downside: If models are indeed slow on the uptake, this may take longer than 12 hours.

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