The Boy Scouts Are In A Really Hateful Bind


They’re still clinging to their long-rehearsed routine of selective hate, even though the country has been significantly moving beyond that.

John Aravosis says it best:

“So the Boy Scouts are in a pickle. They’ve spent all these years saddling up to hateful far right bigots, and now that America has moved beyond hateful far-right bigotry, the Boy Scouts are afraid of losing their hateful bigoted base.

“Ironically, the Republican party is facing the same predicament, after having spent far too many years sucking up to its own Frankenstein of hate–actually, nearly the exact same Frankenstein of hate–as the Boy Scouts. And now that America’s moved on, the Republicans are losing elections and the Boy Scouts donors, and boys.

“According to AP, the public is over the whole ‘Boy Scouts vs. the Gays’ thing, and the gays won…”

Rather than risk obsolescence, the Scouts will surely end up flip flopping and that’ll be grand, though it will hardly make up for their decades of intolerance and spite.

Be prepared..for a lot of rage and frustration from this end until they make the change.

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