This Is How Much Snow We’re Actually Getting This Weekend


Back away from the liquor aisle. After conflicting reports yesterday showed this year’s first Nor’easter, inscrutably named Nemo, either splashing a little rain or dumping 38 inches of snow on us and, maybe, ending the world as we know it.

The vast discrepancies come from three different weather models that are used to predict the forecast. But of the three–the Rapid Precision Mesoscale (RPM) Model, American Model, and the European Model–the European Model has the most clout, since it correctly predicted the path of Hurricane Sandy (The RPM Model predicted 38 inches yesterday, and 20 today).

According to the European Model, Nemo could deliver over 30 inches to the Boston area, but is likely to merely clip New York City. The National Weather Service is calling for 6-10 inches throughout the city–enough to fuck up your weekend, but not enough to kill you. Elsewhere, Accuweather predicts 4-8 inches. The storm will settle in tomorrow morning with wintry mix before switching to snow and continuing through the night.