Girl Scout Cookies Easy to Find with Mobile App and Roaming Food Truck


Perhaps we love Girl Scout cookies so much because they’re so hard to find. You practically have to stalk a co-worker’s daughter or stake out the checkout line at the grocery store, hoping a troop has set up shop there for the day. All anybody wants is a crispy Thin Mint, a gooey Samoa, or addictive Peanut Butter Patty to get them through a potential blizzard. But this year food trucks and apps make finding your favorites a whole lot easier.

The Girl Scouts of the USA released their own cookie finder app that directs cookie obsessives to the nearest pop up shop. Today that happened to be the brand-new Girl Scout truck, which circled Manhattan in honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Day.

THE map showed the truck patrolling the city and spreading joy through Do-Si-dos. (The truck decided to forgo the rest of its planned schedule today because of the impending blizzard.) Outside the truck route, the nearest troops were in Long Island.

If you don’t get your cookie fix before they go out of season, find them on the Ebay black market.