How We’re Coping with the Storm (Hint: First We’re Donating Food)


Before we get specific about how the Fork in the Road team will take advantage of this weather, we’d first like to recognize that the food pantries and shelters we supported wholeheartedly after Hurricane Sandy will definitely need extra supplies this weekend. Currently, there is a tremendous need for canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, and cereal. The world’s greatest comfort food, mac and cheese, is also in high demand. Contact City Harvest or the Bowery Mission to find drop off locations in your neighborhood.

By now, all New Yorkers know how to prep their pantries for an upcoming storm. This time around, canned goods, pasta, and a whole lotta booze should be enough to carry us through an evening or two spent indoors.

Need weekend inspiration? Here’s how team Fork in the Road plans to stay warm and well fed tonight.

Robert Sietsema: Weather be damned! I’m eating a piece of cinnamon toast right now, but am going to Curry Hill for dinner tonight, and a new cocktail bar near Wall Street after that.

Jessica Goodman: I’m going to hole up in a friend’s apartment with a fully stocked DVR and order massive amounts of Chinese food. Think watercress dumplings, moo shoo, cold sesame noodles, and general tso’s.The ultimate comfort food. Seriously, I just want to stuff my face.

Eric Sundermann: For the blizzard weekend, I plan to do the same thing I do every weekend: drink at Beloved in Greenpoint. They have a very spacious backyard, and it is my goal to make a snowman. Or at least convince some sucker to do a snow angel.

Mallory Stuchin: I’m terrified of impending natural disasters. At the same time, I’ll (most likely) be giving up alcohol from February 13 until March 30 — so I’ll probably spend this weekend huddled under a blanket with a case of red wine. I’ll also make miso soup, which tends to fix everything.