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If This Dalton School Scamming Rejected Applicants Story Is True…


It’s one thing to get rejected from a private school on the Upper East Side. It’s a whole other thing when you get scammed soon after, simply for not making the cut.

That’s the word coming from the New York Post yesterday. Apparently, the Dalton School sent out a list of those who were on the waiting list and those who were rejected to “boosters and alumni.” The reason: to fundraise money by comforting parents into thinking the school wasn’t just abandoning them. Because nothing says comfort than a post-rejection “Hey, wanna toss the school that didn’t accept your student a few bucks for old times sake?”

But the response has been a catch-22. Parents are up in arms about the reported gesture from the school. Except, if they take Dalton to court, the whole world will find out their lovely son or daughter is going to public school for the rest of their life. Oh, the shame.

The Dalton School has sent out a statement, apologizing for the actions taken by the admissions board. Somehow, the two administrative bodies were not in communication. And, for many parents, the “I’m sorry” doesn’t make the list of their rejected children disappear from the alumni’s hands.

Oh well.

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