Justin Timberlake! Destiny’s Child! My Bloody Valentine!: The Week of Triumphant Returns


Whoa boy, what a week, right? Beyonce! Justin Timberlake! Fall Out Boy! Destiny’s Child! My Bloody Valentine! Over the last few days our ears have been blessed with new releases and reunions from some buzzworthy artists who couldn’t keep loyal and patient fans waiting much longer. From full-albums to music videos and concert appearances, 2013 Music already feels epic, and the year has barely begun.

Fall Out Boy Keeps You On Yr Toes and Saves Rock N Roll (And Brings Back Long Song Titles with Parentheses)

After Joe Trollman denied a leaked reunion rumor and broke the hearts of millions of ex-scene kids all around the globe, the band said “fuck it” and made a bunch of people finally admit how much they’ve loved Fall Out Boy all along on Monday. Between a new track titled “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” and video, a legitimate release date for their new album (Save Rock And Roll (LOL!) comes out May 6), an upcoming tour, AND a trio of immediately sold out shows for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles respectively, the band was banking on everyone to miss them enough to handle all this Very Important news. Truth is, we did.

The newest single is a crunchy, apocalyptic headbanger that’s a little less “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and a little more “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s an Arms Race,” and a whole lot of worth the wait.

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Justin Timberlake Sings a Couple of Songs About Girls, Makes the World Swoon

After hearing “Suit and Tie,” JTimberlake’s first single from his third album The 20/20 Experience, everyone knew we’d be greeted with even more very soon, but it definitely didn’t feel like thiswasreallyhappening until the singer/actor/Myspace owner dropped a couple of new tracks on a surprised audience at a Super Bowl Pre-Show last Saturday night.

“Pusher Love Girl” sounds like it could’ve been a B-Side from FutureSex/LoveSounds with its sexy, subdued thump and falsetto-rich vocals. Second is the classically soulful “That Girl,” which fits well with the dapper old-school theme JT has been serving of late, which is pretty recognizable in his concert attire and big band accompaniment.

The show also included a performance of “Suit and Tie” with Jay-Z, who also guests on the track, and some throwbacks to his Justified days. Always present: a high level of thirst for even more from pop’s golden boy.

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My Bloody Valentine Knows You Probably Spent Your Saturday Night At Home Waiting for Their New Album, No One Minds

After 22 years of waiting, the idea that the elusive group had even recorded a new album was shocking. Even more shocking: My Bloody Valentine unexpectedly dropping mbv Saturday night with little warning. Once the website stopped crashing, indie rock’s most patient fans were rewarded with an excellent collection of material that is as loyal to the cult-status band’s sound as it is refreshingly unique.

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While the music speaks for itself and probably already made it to the top of every critic’s P+J 2013 list, skeptical fans can take a gander at MBV’s YouTube channel and test-run the songs that were two decades in the making. Then, buy the album because it’s legal and good for you.

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Destiny’s Child Surprises Only People Living Under a Rock at Super Bowl, Finally Realize We’ve Been Fucking Ready for This Jelly

In what was probably the worst-kept surprise of the Super Bowl, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams took their rightful places at Beyonce’s sides and gave a performance so electrifying it was probably responsible for that post-Halftime power outage. Wearing some of the best outfits of their career (and we’ve seen them make some interesting fashion choices), God’s Personal Choir began with “Bootylicious,” gave a shoutout to Charlie’s Angels, and ended with the most perfect performance of “Single Ladies,” made so by the only acceptable members of a Beyonce-fronted trio.

Even though Kelly and Michelle’s mics sounded a bit low in the mix and a probability of more new music coming from them outside of “Nuclear” is unlikely, seeing the three final members DC one more time felt like the most satisfying moment of an already exhilarating performance.

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