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Snowpocalypse NYC! The City Digs Out


Two bikes and a basketful of snow

New York City lucked out with only 8 to 11 inches of snow, but the wind caused it to pile up in drifts, making it more difficult to trudge through the relentless white. Nevertheless, buses were up and running by noon, the Greenmarket at Union Square was doing business with a fraction of its usual booths, and a carnival atmosphere prevailed downtown as Villagers and East Villagers dug out their cars and bikes, and generally wandered around ogling the accumulated precip. Here are some photos taken around noon.

Donning their head-to-toe snow outfits, kids had a blast.

Sixth Avenue was pleasantly light on traffic for a Saturday.

Shoveling out could be back-breaking work.

Taking the easy way out

At the Standard Hotel ice rink, the human Zamboni

Beleaguered cars and trees in the West Village

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, icicles decorate a fetishwear store on Seventh Avenue South.

At Union Square General Washington wonders, which way to Valley Forge?

The blizzard created amusing sculptures.

Hemmed in by white

O to be a white dog in the snow!

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