I Watched The Grammys And I’m In Love!


I totally fell for the roots rock band Alabama Shakes, particularly lead singer/guitarist Brittany Howard.

To me, she’s Kate Smith crossed with Tiny Tim crossed with everything else I like.

And she can sang!

Brittany even gave Mavis Staples a run for her money in the Levon Helm tribute.

And how can you dislike someone who’s always photographed with her mouth open?

Otherwise, the Grammys were a pretty staid affair without a whole lot of shazizzle.

Taylor Swift was good when she used to just sit on a stool, look pretty, and simply sing. But opening the telecast with an Alice in Wonderland-style production number, she came off lame and awkward, like a stand-in for a dance diva who would maybe arrive later.

At least Taylor was seen grinning and looking gleeful all through the rest of the show, though I started wondering: Is it because Carly Rae Jepsen lost?

Also on my mind: Adele is so much fun and knows exactly how to dress and behave for such a party. Someone needs to star her in a remake of either Georgy Girl or Hazel.

The Fun guy and the Girls girl won’t need babies; they already have a house full of trophies to take care of.

And when Frank Ocean beat Chris Brown, I thought, “I bet Chris is going to take this really well.”

(By the way, between Ocean, Drake, and Rihanna, that made three of Brown’s targets all in the same room, one of them on his arm. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Drake.)

By the show’s end, I was trying to decide who’s the more aggressively weird human form–stringy-haired eternal hippie Johnny Depp or sunglassed and caned fop Prince.

It’s a tie. But I still like Brittany Howard the best.

Open wide.

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