NYFW: Monika Chiang Puts a Bird on It; the Future Rocks at Rebecca Minkoff


Wearing snow boots to Friday’s Fashion Week shows is probably the most humiliating thing we have ever done. And this is no exaggeration. Apparently we were the only ones paranoid enough to prepare for the blizzard that barreled down on us a couple of days ago. We felt even more underdressed as we followed the silver-studded platforms and miniskirts toward the shows of two beautiful American designers that had us seeing birds and stars.

For Monika Chiang’s Fall 2013 collection the American designer said she was inspired by the flight of birds that came to her in her sleep. “In the dream, I’m running as fast as I can until I take off into flight. I also recently visited an exhibit with these really interesting mid-century photographs of birds at MOMA and became fascinated with the shapes they create with their wings while in flight.” Her collection did indeed possess a sense of escape through crisp tailoring, high hair, and incredible coats.

Next up we followed rapper Eve (circa ten years ago) and Nicky Hilton (circa her sister) who wore a tight short dress and no stockings(!) to Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2013 runway show. And it was a mad house. The incredibly packed theatre doubled as a concert venue (seems to be the trend this season) as rock band Wild Club performed during the fashion show. The line, inspired by Minkoff’s fascination with space and Neil Armstrong, was completely perfect. We hardly say that, or maybe we do, regardless, each piece was classy yet uniquely stylish and fun. Made for a sophisticated, confident woman who knows how to live life to fullest (and wear snow boots to fashion week).


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