New York

Betsey Johnson Saved Fashion Week Yesterday


She filed for bankruptcy last year, then her fashion show was called off, but suddenly it was on again, and thank god for that because it brought levity and splash back to Fashion Week.

What a production!

First, various props were set up on pink mats up and down the runway–everything from sunglasses to champagne bottles and beyond–as we wondered just what kind of B.J.-palooza was in store.

Then colorfully dressed young models strutted out in zany wigs, faux talking on cell phones and bopping around, followed by aerobics drill sargeant Betsey Johnson herself, who promptly put them through the paces with a gleeful elan.

She had them doing pushups, lifting the champagne bottles as if they were barbells, and then donning the shades to do crunches (because “Nobody looks good when they’re doing crunches”).

It was all tres funny and fast paced, and when it ended with Betsey’s customary cartwheel, it made more sense than ever because the whole thing had been an ode to getting physical.

I skipped right out of there on a high, convinced that Betsey had punctured all the pretensions out of Fashion Week once again.

Let me do my best Shirley Booth impression and say:

Don’t come back, little pretensions!

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