Christine Quinn Thinks the Rent Is Too Damn High, Too


Being this outright defensive about the middle class is probably the most blatant difference between Ms. Quinn and her boss.

Yesterday, the City Council Speaker gave her State of the City address — or, basically, What I’ll Do As Mayor — and mentioned the income tax bloc in between the poor and rich numerous times. The speech included a study that showed what we’ve all been thinking/living: the middle class in New York City (and, for that matter, across the country) since 2001 has been shrinking because, yes, the rent is too damn high.

And, in response, Ms. Quinn proposed her first ambition to stem off rising costs of living: 40,000 new middle-class apartments, using $300 million in taxpayer money to fund it all. The homes would be aimed for families of four that make around $142,000. To add to that, Ms. Quinn came out swinging against gentrification, focusing particularly on now-second-highest-most-expensive-place-ever Brooklyn: “I refuse to accept the notion that large portions of our city are destined to become a luxury only available to the wealthiest among us.”

Is Christine Quinn the new Jimmy McMillan? For the mayoral race’s sake, we sure hope so.

You can watch the entire speech here.

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