I Am Art From The House of Aviance!


EJ Aviance‘s new CD I Am Art is a collaborative affair with the entire House contributing to the creative process along the way.

They are art too.

So are a whole bunch of influences and mentors who inspired EJ on the artistic path to music-making.

The CD is described as a “musical journey that incorporates samples from such legends as Cajmere, First Choice, Robbie Tronco, School House Rock (ABC), Outer Mind. Ethyl Meatplow, Soft House Company, Patrick Cowley, Veronica, The La Mambo Combo, Black Evita….”

Wowsa. That’s a lot of inspiration sprinkled into this housey gumbo.

So if you are art, give this promo a try and see if this House’s house music should be in your house.

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