My Thoughts About Beyonce: See If You Agree


I said this to a friend the other night and she agreed so vehemently her eyes almost popped out of her head from nodding so hard.

“The woman is talented,” I brilliantly offered, as my pal started nodding in agreement.

“I mean, girl can really sing,” I went on, oozily. “And she can dance. And there’s no doubt she can do it all live when they’ll allow her to.”

My friend had turned into a car Buddha by now, nodding like a lunatic.

“She’s just an all-around winner–beautiful, gifted, and full of energy and ambition,” I enthused as my friend continued the up-down motions of her head as if she were an alarm clock bell.

“But there’s just one thing,” I added.

“What’s that?” she asked, her head stationary for a second.

“She leaves me cold.”


“And she’ll never be Diana Ross“.

Nod nod nod nod nod nod…..

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