Dan Friel’s new Total Folklore is like a confrontational, bombastic, and jagged remake of Walter/Wendy Carlos’s groundbreaking 1968 synthesizer hit, Switched-On Bach—and that’s a compliment. The “folk” aspect refers both to the former Parts & Labor member’s blunt-edged tools—a 1984 Yamaha PortaSound keyboard, thrift-store pedals, and OS9 Mac—as well as found sounds gleaned from long Brooklyn strolls. His mixture of brutal electronics and rather sweet classically inspired melodies deliver a visceral jolt, particularly in “Ulysses,” a pummeling 13-minute homewrecker of an opener. In addition to his solo set, Friel will shiver the timbers with a one-off group that includes members of Titus Andronicus, Guardian Alien, Parts & Labor, and Oneida. Guardian Alien, Yvette, and DJ Tyondai Braxton open.

Tue., Feb. 19, 9 p.m., 2013

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