Miss Twinkies? How About Some Dreamies Instead?


Gee, they look almost the same.

It was only last November that the announcement came — falling very hard on the ears of its fanciers — that Twinkies and other Hostess cakes were no more. Hands were wrung and laments were sung, and bail-out proposals tendered. We at FiTR shed a few tears ourselves, and recounted the distinguished history of the elongated, “creme” filled snack cake.

Well, maybe we shouldn’t have lamented so much, because it wasn’t long before Twinkie tribute cakes began appearing in area supermarket chains, proving that either it was easier to manufacture these proprietary goodies than Hostess claimed, or that someone had filched the secret recipes.

The aisles of our local Gristede’s had other imitations, too, including the pink Snowballs, made by the same dodgy-sounding concern, Mrs. Freshley’s. The company is owned by Flowers Foods, of Thomasville, Georgia, and is more famous for manufacturing Honeybuns and Pecan Twirls, which are often found on gas station racks.

Indeed, Dreamies represents something of a re-branding: The same faux-Twinkies were until recently known as Creme Fingers.

Can Mrs. Freshley’s Snowballs replace Hostess Sno Balls?

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