Was Hooking Up Sexier Before Sites And Apps?


The subject of this week’s column, DJ/promoter/performer Michael Formika Jones, thinks so.

Formika told me he longs for the pre-crackdown days of face-to-face cruising as opposed to app-laden fantasy making.

“I miss the days before everyone was offering their raw assholes on Grindr or whatever you’re on,” he explained to me.

“We’ve lost touch with being able to cruise and meet each other and be sexually excited by each other in public. Now we have to go home and create these online fantasies to hook up with people.

“Gay men are way more horny than anyone else, but people want us to conform to their repressed sexual ways.

“I’m an advocate for public sex, but the clubs are terrified because they’re afraid of being shut down.

“I’m glad we’re being equalized, but I miss when we were underground and there was more of a community there because we all felt like we were on the cusp of society and felt a lot closer to each other.

“Now we just block each other. ‘You’re too old.’ ‘I don’t like his hair.’ ‘Block!’ “

Come on, people. Don’t block a cock. Maybe welcome a vagina?

[Read the whole column and you’ll see what I mean.]

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