New York

When Are We Going To Make A Decision On Fracking?


Okay. So, last year, Governor Cuomo and his Albany crew had no idea what the hell to do about this whole hydrofracking controversy. To frack or not to frack? That was the question holding up state legislators (but, apparently, not Mayor Bloomberg).

Cracking under pressure, Mr. Cuomo pushed back the decision to this month. Environmental activists have been hounding the Governor in recent weeks for stalling the procedure. Except it looks like they’re going to have make it through winter.

The other day, the Governor’s Office announced that it would, once again, have to really think about this one. According to the New York Times, the State’s Health Department reports aren’t in yet and they could take a while. Plus, once they’re completed, there’s a 45 day period where the public is invited to comment on the legislative proposal. Then, after that, who knows honestly.

So when are we going to make a decision on fracking in New York State?

Most likely never.


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