Justin Timberlake Watch 2k13: “Suit & Tie” Music Video Edition


Justin Timberlake’s comeback is exhausting. After a musical drought, it feels like we’ve suddenly been welcomed with a constant stream of JT news, appearances, performances, videos and Target commercials. From the initial release of his “prepare ye the way of the Justin” warning video on, he’s been keeping himself — and us — busy every couple of days.

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After a stirring black-and-white Grammy performance with Jay-Z on Sunday night, Timberlake has since readied the pre-order for The 20/20 Experience complete with the new, 8-minute track “Mirrors.” Since Monday, hints have been made about a possible arena tour with Jay-Z.

As of yesterday, the David Fincher-directed clip for “Suit & Tie” has been released, and Justin’s modern Rat Pack dreams are becoming fully realized. All the elements of a classic JT video are present — suaveness, smooth moves, a model, and a bed. Now, we also get the addition of Jay-Z looking cooler than anyone else and a smoky noir-ish vibe juxtaposed against the neo-future tones of his aptly titled FutureSex/LoveSounds music and image.

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Check out the clip because by the end of it, he’ll probably have dropped the album early, released another video, and maybe have created a documentary about the experience.

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