New York

Lovely Desserts At Avenue A Gastropub


Boulton & Watt is a comfortable, unpretentious restaurant on Avenue A, where the above desserts gave my life some American-classic zing last night.

A chocolate souffle that was light in its loafers.

And a giant chocolate chip in a skillet, which you drenched in milk for extra effect. I normally am not big on cookies and milk–they remind me of some childhood I never had–but I found myself loving it, and then guzzling the milk separately too. Maybe I crave the calcium!

Also delightful were what started the meal–little jars of pickled mushrooms, pineapples, cantaloupe, and beets. A taste sensation.

And my “day boat” cod was nice too, with tartar sauce and a mountain of fries.

If restaurants have to replace rock clubs, at least let’s make them cool like this one.

Next time: Short rib and bone marrow toast!

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