New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013: Christina Ricci and Sofia Coppola Soak Up Marc Jacobs’ Rays


As people filed into the Marc Jacobs show at the Lexington Avenue Armory last night, there were more than a few concerned faces and audible groans. The trouble was a fiery golden sun hanging from the ceiling, which cast an unflattering sepia tone on everyone in the room. “I forgot to wear sunblock,” joked an audience member to his friend.

Getting a tan in their front-row seats were Sofia Coppola, Jessica Stam, and Christina Ricci. (Alas, poor Miley Cyrus, dressed in a midriff-baring Mickey Mouse sweater and long candy cane-striped skirt, missed some of the show because apparently no one told her that when Jacobs says eight o’ clock, he actually means it.)

Due to delayed shipments that were not blizzard-related, Jacobs moved his show from Monday night to Valentine’s Day to close out the week. And, if you thought that surely he would change the lighting once the show began, you would have been wrong. To somber music, the models (all wearing short shaggy wigs) slowly walked the perimeter of a circle. Just like flipping through an old photo album, it was impossible to determine what colors the clothes were or even make out much of the detail.

But then–as if going from Kansas to Oz–the lighting changed, and the models did it all over again in color. This time, you could see that a glittery tailored coat was done in a gorgeous violet, furs stoles came in teal and dark brown, and slinky satin evening dresses popped in shimmering gold and ruby red.

It was a dramatically different mood from his show a year ago when he sent models down the runway in wacky Dr. Seuss hats to show tunes from Oliver!. Perhaps Jacobs was suffering from a little seasonal affective disorder and was dreaming of someplace warm and sunny to relax for the winter (that would at least explain why one model was wearing high-waisted briefs and little else and why the designer took his bow in pajamas).

When it was over, people stuck around to take photos in front of the sun. One man cleverly stuck his hand out to make it look as though he were holding the glowing orb in his palm. And then, all too quickly, it was back outside, where, still under Jacobs’ glamorous and disorienting spell, we thought everything looked warm and hazy. For a few sweet moments, our whole view of the city and the chilly season was changed. How often does that happen after a fashion show?

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