eHarmony Owner: Gay Marriage Damaged My Company


eHarmony was the place where straight people could find love (or at least a blow job), until the New Jersey Attorney General ruled that they had to also service homosexuals.

But owner Neil Clark Warren isn’t happy about that development at all.

Whiny Neil has gotten protests about having to provide equal services to all, and it’s allegedly damaged his goods.

His quotes:

“I have said that eHarmony really ought to put up $10 million and ask other companies to put up money and do a really first class job of figuring out homosexuality.

“At the very best, it’s been a painful way for a lot of people to have to live.”

A painful way to live? Yeah, thanks to Christians like him!

Wait, there’s more:

“I think this issue of same-sex marriage within the next five to 15 years will be no issue anymore,” Warren told Yahoo! Finance. “We’ve made too much of it. I’m tired of it. It has really damaged our company.”

Oh, so equal rights is annoying because it supposedly gets in the way of a crappy dating service and forces them to have to be human by law?


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