The Best Photos Yet From My Disco Show


Jason Russo of HeyMrJason Photography was at my Disco Extravaganza on Sunday and captured extraordinary moments like photographer Patrick McMullan reacting to topless Holly Van Voast as I wrapped up a song with arms up, disco diva style.

There’s a lot of flaunting, exulting, and reacting going on in that one photo.

Another hot combo is this one of me, Tish, and Snooky posing mid-show when Jason requested a photo.

(“There’s always time for a photo session,” I said, grandly. “One…two…three. Now leave me alone, asshole. I’m onstage!” I cracked.)

And what could be more euphoric than the image of an attention whore finally getting some public spotlight on command?

Thanks to Kevin Novinski for the jacket and Christian Freedom for the styling.