Parks And Recreation’s Nick Offerman Is Coming To Town: Here’s My Interview


Nick Offerman, best known for portraying Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, will be making a stop at Town Hall on March 2 as part of his American Ham comedy tour.

And Nick has produced a film, Somebody Up There Likes Me, in which he costars with his world-famous wife, Megan Mullally. The film will be released by Tribeca Films On Demand March 12 and opens in NY March 29. I just talked to Nick for some recreation of my own.

Hi, Nick. Congrats on Town Hall.

Thank you. I’m astonished that they’re having me. I’m going to go along with it. I never imagined I’d perform as myself. I’m a theater-trained actor and I don’t think I have a standup career in my future. My show is more Garrison Keillor than Louis C.K.. It’s a less educated, more foulmouthed show than Garrison Keillor.

Homespun stories with dirty words thrown in?

A collection of anecdotes and opinions with some mediocre songs and minor nudity.

There’s no such thing as minor nudity, except in the church.

Some acreage will be exposed.

Yowsa. Are you scared about doing this?

It is initially scary in a way, once I’m appearing without a mask of any sorts, but the audience has generally been very welcoming, so I feel pretty good about it.

Will your Parks and Recreation character, Ron Swanson, pop up in the act?

You might say Ron Swanson is sprinkled sparingly across the entree of American Ham.

You do monologues as him?

No. He’s not my possession. I’d be remiss were I to perform a monologue that had not been collaborated on by our genius writers.

Speaking of collaborations, tell me about Somebody Up There Likes Me.

I was cast and then asked to produce. It’s a romantic comedy. We’ll be having big dates at BAM on March 28 and 30. Megan steals the show with three scenes as the therapist.

I’m not surprised. And what will happen on Parks?

There are some very big life events coming up in the world of Pawnee. There are gonna be some romantic occasions, some animalistic violence, and ultimately there will be some tragedy, but the circle of life will continue. I believe the appropriate blessing is hakuna matata.

Bless you. And break a ham at Town Hall.

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