Andy Warhol—the simultaneous father, mother, and weird uncle of every modern-day hipster. His stamp on this city’s culture is as vibrant and mass-producible as his trademark screen prints. But where are all the relics? In place of the original “silver” Factory on 47th Street is a parking garage. The Decker building on Union Square West, which housed the second Factory, now features a less-stimulating Puma shoe store. On the 26th anniversary of Warhol’s death, authors Thomas Kiedrowski and Catherine Johnson will join artist Jamie Warhola and none other than Beck’s very own mom, the youngest Warhol superstar, Bibbe Hansen, for 
A Warholian Evening, a discussion of the icon’s life and work. Hear about personal interviews and the 80-some sites in the city connected with the man who is still the very picture of modernity.

Thu., Feb. 21, 7 p.m., 2013