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Though Rajiv Joseph is still comparatively new on the playwriting scene, he’s made a splash with dramas involving relationships as destructive as they are indestructible. Take the crinkles and creases uniting a young origami prodigy, his teacher, and a folding pro in Animals Out of Paper. Or see the terrible bonds linking soldiers, ghosts, and a giant cat in Bengal Tiger at the 
Baghdad Zoo (a 2010 finalist for the Pulitzer). Or explore the accidents and maladies joining two would-be lovers in Gruesome Playground Injuries. The North Pool, his 
latest script, directed by Giovanna Sardelli for the Vineyard, puts a high school vice principal (Stephen Barker Turner) and a 
Middle Eastern transfer student (Babak Tafti) into an uncomfortable synchronized swim. Has Dr. Danielson invited Khadim into his office for a friendly chat, or does 
he suspect the young man of terrorism?

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