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Strange New Twist In Oscar Pistorius Case


The dark tale of legless athlete Oscar Pistorius, who’s been charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, has gotten even darker.

There have been some flagrant foulups in the case against Oscar.

First, Detective Hilton Botha claimed investigators found testosterone (which is illegal for athletes) in Pistorius’s digs, while the defense said it was merely a perfectly legal herbal supplement.

Botha had to admit the substance hadn’t even been tested yet!

Well, now there’s even worse news for Botha.

It turns out he faces seven charges of attempted murder for a 2011 shooting incident, and the charges have come up again.

So someone accused of attempted murder is leading the inquiry against someone accused of committing murder?

Almost sounds like he’s jealous.

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