The Coming Fare Hike Aside, Your Pay-Per-Ride And Unlimited MetroCards Are Now The Same


In a week, your MetroCard will be a little more heavy on your wallet. That’s right; March 1st is the day the fare hike passed a few months ago activates. On that day, single fares will permanently rise to $2.50, weeklies to $30 and monthlies to $112. Yes, you probably know all about this but here is a bit of good news for people who love good news.

As of this week, you can now combine your mighty, unlimited MetroCard with your average, pay-per-ride MetroCard. Basically, if you upgrade a MetroCard with $5 already on it to an unlimited, that leftover cash will be stashed away for further use. Once the month is over, the MetroCard will revert to pay-per-ride and you’ll be left with the $5. And this works vice versa, too: you can add a few bucks to your unlimited if you’re that forward-thinking.

So you won’t have to miss your train in order to renew it or get a quick single-ride but can’t because the ticket machines are, of course, all not accepting cash.

In an effort to reduce the thousands upon thousands of yellow throwaways that litter New York, MTA interim head Thomas Pendergast told reporters this week that the new proposal is better for the environment and, also, your wallet. The $1 MetroCard refill fee will now be a thing of the past for users of this combo card. Buy yourself a can of soda with your new, well-earned money.

With the coming fare hike, we’re just trying to make light of the good news we can find. Is that too much to ask for?