The Most Popular Song At Marie’s Crisis Piano Bar


Marie’s Crisis is the long-running piano bar at 59-Grove Street, where the most popular tunes usually include numbers from Gypsy and A Chorus Line.

But the other night, I dropped by and the song that drove the crowd especially crazy with delight was Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody!”

Not a show tune at all!

That’s the elaborate, outlandish 1975 number which veers from ballad to operetta spoof to hard rock, with famous sections from “Easy come, easy go” to “Mama, just killed a man” to
stuff about Scaramouche, the fandango, Galileo, and lots of other nutty references.

Freddie Mercury did a brilliant job with the vocals throughout, and the wall of sound at the center is astounding moment in rock.

The song is a three-act opera unto itself, and one of the most original things to hit the charts in decades.

And when pianist Franca Vercelloni dove into it the other night, the crowd started becoming euphoric, singing along with every word and even jumping up and down and dancing in circles.

Watch out, Gypsy. Get offa Queen’s runway!

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