Har Mar Superstar Brings in Doomtree’s Mike Mictlan for Last Fridays


For over a decade, Har Mar Superstar has been one of music’s most consistently entertaining cult favorites. He’s currently busier than ever, recently announcing his new album Bye Bye 17 in-between hosting his Nocturnal Emotions podcast and curating his monthly Last Fridays residency at the Knitting Factory. This month’s installment features Doomtree-member and fellow Minneapolis veteran Mike Mictlan. We spoke to Har Mar about putting together this series and what to expect from Friday’s show.

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First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! How did you spend the big day?

I had a bunch of people get together and we went to see Sixpence None the Richer at the Knitting Factory and they dedicated “Kiss Me” to me, which was amazing.

Last Fridays goes down on the last Friday of every month at the Knitting Factory…

This is our last one for a few months that I’m going to actually play. I’ll put the bills together when I’m gone, I’ll be on tour for March and April, but this one’s going to be really fun because Mike Mictlan’s coming out from Minneapolis and this is going to be the first one with my full band that I’m getting ready for the road. It should be a good time.

Between last month’s installment and this month’s, you’ve announced your new album Bye Bye 17…

Yeah, I’m going to be playing a bunch of stuff off the new album and generally having an awesome time. It’s really fun because the doors are at midnight and people just come and get wasted. It’s like a real fun late night party and it’s only five bucks so it’s easy to make it work for your budget.

Where did the idea to start curating Last Fridays come from?

I don’t know, it all came together when I played with Father John Misty there last May. Knitting Factory asked me if I wanted to do some sort of residency so in November we did a couple Fridays and that worked out really well. The last friday of the month just became my territory.

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The show this Friday, as you said, is with Mike Mictlan of Minneapolis rap super-collective Doomtree. Do you recall your first exposure to Mictlan or Doomtree?

I’ve been friends with Stef/P.O.S. for a long time since, like, high school, so we were always buddies. Then, I knew he started rapping and I got his first album and started to meet his crew in pub crawl sort of things, and they’re all awesome dudes. I’d go to their Uptown, Minneapolis house and hear their mixtapes. It sort of naturally came together. We knew each other on tour and became tighter and tighter friends. Now, we hang out a lot. Mike ended up in L.A. when we did a Marijuana Death Squad-Har Mar residency so we recorded together a lot. We just became really close then.

Mike’s originally from Los Angeles, but with both of you first making your names in the Minneapolis music scene, it’s a pretty interesting dynamic that you’re both going to be performing at a distinctly New York venue.

Yeah, I knew he wanted to do some New York stuff, so I called him and said the show’s were really fun, and he got it together. He’s flying out just for this, so I hope everyone comes out. It’s really cool that it ended up being the late show after the Paid Dues tour so Murs and Prof are going to be playing the earlier show, so people will stick arond hopefully.

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Do you think preparing for the show has a different vibe than if you were preparing for the show in Minneapolis?

I don’t know. I kind of look at all shows the same way. Probably a different energy because it’s a different place. I don’t think I prepare differently, I get psyched up all the same.

Along with Last Fridays, you’ve also had the rise of your Nocturnal Emotions podcast. In terms of setting both up, do you find there’s similarities between the two?

I mean, kind of. Just capturing people at the right moment. It’s not hard finding a couple bands who want to play each month, where as finding guests for the podcast can be difficult, but I come through. Sometimes I’ll do eight interviews so I have a few ready to go for the next couple of months. But in the Spring time everyone wants to play shows, so it’s easy to do.

For those new to Mike Mictlan, where do you think is the best place to start?

I think people should get into his mixtape Snaxxx, I think you can still get that for free all over the internet. That’s like, the most representative of what he’s up to now and where he’s gone artistically. It’s so good. Dirty, raw, awesome thoughtful raps. It’s not shocking, it’s dirty on purpose because there’s emotion there. It’s hard rap you want to dance to with a sense of humor.

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