Mayor Bloomberg Pours Wealth Into Chicago Race; No One’s Really Sure How To React


This Tuesday, there will be a Democratic primary for a Congressional seat left open by the resignation of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. The race will be the first major election since Newtown so guns are at the center of this one. Several left-leaning Democrats are vying for the chair and all of them have one thing in common: they support gun control in a city known for its gun violence.

Except one candidate has defected, catching the eye of none other than Mayor Bloomberg.

Former Rep. Debbie Halverson is running on a gun rights platform, much to the support of the NRA and the rural districts outside of the Illinois hub. As a result, Independence USA, the Mayor’s quote-on-quote SuperPAC, is inserting bucket loads of cash ($2.2 million, to be exact) into anti-Halverson ads, spotlighting the woman for her position. The huge move comes after a November season where the Mayor was busy meddling in Congressional races concerning gun control and same-sex marriage across the country.

Like most New Yorkers, the political scene in Chicago is at a loss of words regarding the sheer personal wealth of the Hizzoner. The NRA has chosen to remain silent in the face of the new ads while a spokesperson for the Halverson campaign commented, “We’re just not going to let a guy from N.Y. dictate what’s going to happen in this election.”

But a message from the Illinois State Rifle Association pretty much sums up this story: “Bloomberg is coming to your state. Be ready.”