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Disgraced Cardinal Won’t Be Part Of The Search To Replace Disgraced Pope


Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the most senior cleric in the UK, has announced that he won’t be part of the big old jamboree that will help choose a new Pope.

O’Brien tendered his resignation last year in the wake of allegations of “inappropirate behavior” with junior clergy back in the 1980s, when Jerry Sandusky was just gearing up for his own mentoring horrors.

And the exiting Pope Benedict has eagerly accepted his resignation, just days before the enclave to choose the new pontiff convenes.

So we can now be assured that a cardinal who stepped down because of inappropriate behavior won’t help replace the Pope who’s reportedly stepping down because of inappropriate behavor.

Oh, good.

I feel so much better about these people calling me a sinner, don’t you?

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