Guess What Sondheim’s Next Show Is About?


Stephen Sondheim and David Ives have been working on a new musical called All Together Now, which is reportedly based on a small moment in one of Ives’ plays and which goes backwards in time (like Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along).

Last year, I wrote about Sondheim’s on-the-record comments about this project, which focuses on a relationship between two people.

Well, now says the Ives work that’s being riffed on is actually one of the short works in the currently revived compilation called All in the Timing.

If that’s the case, I doubt it’s the sketch about three monkeys trying to write a classic play as part of a lab experiment. (See photo above.)

More likely, it’s “Sure Thing,” the evening’s first sketch, in which a man and woman meet and the guy keeps coming up with alternate icebreakers every time a bell rings, thereby changing the course of the conversation.

It could also be “The Universal Language,” in which a man teaches a woman a fraudulent language as he falls for her.

Whatever it is, I hope it rolls along merrily and makes it to Broadway before yet another Sondheim revival nabs the space.

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