Ladies’ Choice


Hey girl. It’s not just about pictures of Ryan Gosling with pithy captions superimposed. Feminist porn is much, much more. Sex-positive pornographer Tristan Taormino will strip the genre down to its supple, aroused, bare-naked principles today at The Feminist Porn Show, presented as part of the CineKink Tenth Annual Film Festival. Clips by
seasoned pioneers and newcomers alike will be on the big screen. Then, while you’re still basking in the afterglow, head on over to The Feminist Porn Panel, where Taormino and her fellow sexperts will explain the concept behind the movement for empowering,
non-demeaning type sex (besides awesomeness). Finally, a signing and reception will follow to celebrate the release of, yes, The Feminist Porn Book, the first anthology to mingle
writings by scholars, performers, and producers for a panoramic peepshow inside the industry.

Sat., March 2, 1 p.m., 2013