My Father Was Proud Of Me!


My dad was not the most demonstrative person in the world.

He was pretty low key and sparing in his emotions–always laid back and never loud.

So I always had my doubts: Is he proud of me? Does he approve of me and what I’ve been doing at all? Or is he maybe a little bit ashamed and hiding his feelings?

Well, guess what I just found in the house?

A large tin box filled with stacks and stacks of my report cards, diplomas, honors, clippings, articles, and programs through the years. It’s a veritable treasure trove of my accomplishments throughout my school days and early professional years, and it was clearly assembled with great care and a lot of dedication. It’s the kind of thing I would have put together myself if I was even more vain than I am!

On top of it, in my father’s handwriting, it says:

“A record of great achievements!”

I’m going to start bawling.