Sullivan Street and Grandaisy: New Wave Breakfast Pastries


Grandaisy’s calzone di miele

What do you grab for breakfast? Most of us scrape by with a latte and a power bar, a bowl of yogurt and granola, or nothing at all until lunch – and do the same thing every day. Well, breakfast is getting fun again, as bakeries roll out novel pastries that are not the usual cheese danish, donuts, or snack cakes. Moreover, this new breed of baked goods tends to be small, unusually tasty, and probably relatively low in calories compared with that half-dozen Dunkin’ Donuts sitting by the Mr. Coffee.

The interior of the calzone di miele

Recently, FiTR extolled the croissant-based pastries of Bien Cuit Christopher Street, including the oddball pumpkin danish and a little something called a hazelnut bostock. And now we’ve stumbled on a couple more persuasive examples.

Grandaisy Bakery has recently been featuring a calzone di miele – a sort of apple-stuffed empanada or turnover with an thick and marvelously flaky pastry decorated with boxcar-shaped crystals of sugar. Eat one and you’ll want another the next morning.

Its archrival, Sullivan Street Bakery (the two were once one), has no shortage of nouveau pastries on hand, especially at its new dine-in flagship in Chelsea. One we have been particularly enjoying is the bombolino, a puffy, custard-filled pillow with a fleecy crumb. Another version with seasonal fruit filling is also available.

Sullivan Street Bakery’s bombolino

The bombolino is filled with custard.