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Bring On The Positive Stereotypes! Here They Come


Nice stereotypes are supposedly almost as damaging as negative ones, so why don’t we lay them all out here–until the list is longer than a black appendage, lol–and then flush the whole thing away like a bad dream and call it a day?

This will be the last time we ever cite the following positive yet hurtful cliches:

All black men are hung. When an African American man approaches, think “human tripod.”

They can all dance like the dickens, with lots of rhythm flowing out of every pore. It’s tribal, after all.

Gay men are neat, have great taste, and are brilliant at design and decorating.

They’re also really sensitive and make great best friends, especially to women.

Women are the most sensitive of all; they’ll cry at at the opening of an envelope.

Men are macho, powerful, and in charge of everything. (Except for gay men, of course–but did I mention that they’re thenthitive?)

Asian-Americans are extremely good with numbers. They’re like human abacuses. And they’re cleaner than Asian whistles and so calm and patient, except for the dragon ladies.

Italians are so friendly and outgoing. They love life, food, sex, wine, and all the other good stuff, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Brazilians and Europeans are sexually fluid and don’t label or get self conscious about anything hormonal.

Scandinavians are as liberated as the wind itself.

Any more? Help me out here. I’m starting to feel like a (negative stereotype alert) ditzy queen.

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