Budweiser Tastes Watery, But It’s Not Watered Down!


Anheuser-Busch was accused of watering down its beers and misrepresenting the alcohol content in Budweiser, Bud Ice, Bud Light Lime, Natural Ice and other lines. But after class-action lawsuits were filed in federal court, NPR commissioned a lab to test several samples. The lab found that while the “King of Beers” might taste watery, the alcohol content does in fact match its label. [NPR]

Trappist breweries are traditionally operated by Trappist monks, and Orval in Belgium’s Abbaye Notre-Dame d’Orval is no exception. Now, for what may well be the first time in history, a woman will be running the show: Anne-Françoise Pypaert, who has been working at Orval for the last 20 years, will take over as Master Brewer when Jean-Marie Rock retires later this year. [Flanders via @dfroms]

I.B.M.’s artificial-intelligence unit known as Watson is being trained to create “innovative recipes” from a data set based on the chemistry of ingredients and “olfactory pleasantness” (translation: what people say they like). When asked to come up with a healthy Spanish-leaning breakfast, Watson recently suggested a combination of “cocoa, saffron, black pepper, almonds and honey.” [NYTimes]

Drinks columnist and author Dave Wondrich has lived in Boerum Hill “since the second Reagan administration.” He remembers when his neighborhood hosted a crack block and seeing an unaccompanied white woman was as rare as a unicorn. In Esquire‘s March issue, he explains how Brooklyn might have been cleaned up, but it’s still a bigger and more complicated place than its new artisanal image lets on. By the end of Wondrich’s annotated essay, you’ll want to join him for beers in Brighton Beach. [Esquire]

English socialite Pippa Middleton has landed a column with Waitrose, a high-end English grocery chain with its own monthly food magazine. But if Middleton’s book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities and Friends, is any indication, this is nothing to get excited about. [Guardian]

Sony Pictures released a food-pun-filled trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Click through for all sorts of silly cartoon creations like shrimp-anzees, mosqui-toast, and jelly-fish, along with a villain made out of, em, tacos. [YouTube]

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