‘Coding 101’ Could Be Coming To A NYC Public School Near You


Mayor Bloomberg has repeated time and time again that he believes New York City will be the next Silicon Valley. And, in some senses, his dream is coming true: SoHo has become a start-up assembly machine, Long Island City is attracting tech-hybrid manufacturers with its large, abandoned warehouses and the list of NYC-born boom companies is growing faster than you can say “I just checked in here on Foursquare.” Needless to say, the Big Apple has gone ebusiness.

So, to solidify the present shift, it makes sense to capture the future minds of New Yorkers. Or, in tech talk, ditch the textbooks and just teach the kids how to code.

Yesterday, TechNewsDaily reported that the City would be starting a new program in accordance with the non-profit organization,, to bring computer coding to New York public schools. Through the initiative, twenty schools will be selected and students there will be taught coding, robotics and web design in their core curriculum.

The move is an attempt to prepare students for the growing dominance of tech companies in the job market. It’s an area of study where the American education system is seriously slacking: according to, apparently nine out of ten schools offer no coding classes and, if they do, the classes are taken strictly for credit.

And, as you can see in the video above, the group has some serious faces (Prof. Mark Zuckerberg and Co.) backing the efforts. Star power always helps, especially in the Silicon City.


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