Eamon Rockey on Leaving Aska in Williamsburg


Yesterday, Eater reported that partner and general manager Eamon Rockey, of Williamsburg’s modern Scandinavian restaurant Aska, was parting ways to pursue a new project, and that beverage director Shiraz Noor would serve as his replacement. The restaurant — which opened only three months ago in Kinfolk Studios — has already received critical praise, making Rockey’s departure all the more surprising.

Fork in the Road reached out to Rockey to find out more about his decision. “From the onset, Aska was intended to be an engaging and interesting project, but not the end of the road for any one of us involved,” Rockey said over the phone.” My decision to leave was not at all sudden to anyone involved, but something I’d discussed with the other partners for a long time.”

Regarding his replacement, Shiraz Noor, Rockey feels that the restaurant is in good hands.
Aska wouldn’t have been possible without Shiraz. At the end of the day, I came in to the project with a lot of ideas, but I needed assistance to execute a unified vision. Shiraz was an integral part of making Aska happen.”

Rockey still won’t reveal much about his next move, only saying that he’s “super excited about it.”


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