Japanese Brewery Revolutionizes Chocolate Stout — With a Chocolate Glass


Rogue Ales makes one, and so do Brooklyn Brewery and Harpoon. In fact, it’s hard to find a fashion-forward beer factory that hasn’t made its own version of chocolate stout recently. Some ramp up the excitement by making double chocolate stouts and black chocolate stouts. But what is it? Chocolate stout is the darkest, most alcoholic form of the dark beer called porter. It often tops out at 8% ABV, and the dark color results from malt or barely roasted an extra long time.

But almost as an afterthought in a sort of brewer’s joke, some chocolate stouts – such as Rogue’s version – also put chocolate in the chocolate stout, which is discernible as an additional slight flavor. Well, why not?

But now, reports our favorite Japanese foodie website, RocketNews24, Japanese brewer Sankt Gallen has released its own extra-dark chocolate stout, with the color derived from a double dose of extra dark toasted malt, resulting in an extremely bitter flavor as those who’ve tried it have noted.

No matter, the brewery based in Kanagawa, Japan began selling a 330 ml bottle of the stuff accompanied by a chocolate chalice. Whether you actually want to pour the beer in there, or simple nibble around the edges as you sip the beer to neutralize the bitterness, is entirely up to you.

Sankt Gallen’s Imperial Chocolate Stout, released February 1 for Valentine’s Day, has no actual chocolate in the recipe.

[via Incredible Things]