Neil Patrick Harris’ Wedding Is Off?


Could it be?

The Enquirer claims that Neil Patrick Harris and his fiance David Burtka had a quarrel and are barely speaking, let alone tying the knot any time soon.

Oh, no! Who’ll get the twins?

Nah, no worries.

If it’s true, it must have happened really quickly because as of February 16, Neil was tweeting a plug for one of David’s appearances.

What’s more, the same publication’s last cover claimed that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones had bitterly broken up! Well, they must have patched things up really quickly because they looked happy together at the Oscar just the other night!

The mag is really getting broken up about people’s alleged breaking up lately. Seems like it’s their reality check that’s a little bit broken.

I’ve sent a message to NPH and will let you know if he responds.

(And if he asks me to marry him.)

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