The Anne Hathaway Hate Is Dwindling


There was a growing anti-Anne Hathaway sentiment on the part of the bitchy (and often accurate) people who populate the gossip boards in the last several months.

They felt her Les Miz performance was a little too conscious of its own power, and started resenting the tour-de-force of a cute person suffering so indulgently while singing, crying, and aiming for the gold.

And her Golden Globes acceptance speech was deemed a little too cute, in the manner of the high school girl you hated who was keenly aware of her own adorableness and always grabbed the mic for one more thank you.

But Anne seems to have had some coaching since then.

Her Oscar speech wasn’t too cutesy, overly self congratulatory, or depressingly patronizing.

It was relatively reserved, though I felt it replaced one kind of annoying speech (gushily praising the losers) with another (reciting a laundry list of names of everyone you’ve ever met, as if your masseuse and your director carried the same weight).

But whatever the case, the woman is talented and potentially quite charming, and the switch of demeanor seems to have helped Anne.

I’m not hearing as much bitter hatred and resentment (read: jealousy) of her, and that will bode well for her continuing career.

So pick on someone else, why dontcha!