The Basics Of Sunday’s MetroCard Fare Hike


On March 3rd, the MTA will seek budgetary revenge on straphangers. Sorry, it’s happening. And we’re being service-y because it’s the only thing left to do before this fare hike takes effect on Sunday.

So here’s what you should keep in mind before you swipe your life away.

1. The Permanent Basic Fare: $2.25 -> $2.50

2. The Weekly: $29 -> $30

3. The Monthly: $104 -> $112

4. That Bonus You Get When You Put A Few Dollars On Your Card: 7% -> 5%

5. The ‘Redeeming Value’: $5, instead of $10, will be the minimum for those lessened bonus dollars

6. The unlimited and pay-per-ride MetroCards are now one in the same. It’s a metropolitan miracle.

7. As Garth Johnston from Gothamist writes, “You must ride the subway 13 times (two rides per workday and three on the weekend) to make a 7-day MetroCard worthwhile and you must ride the subway 48 times (two rides per workday and eight on the weekend) to make a 30-day unlimited MetroCard worthwhile.”

8. For the sneaky: you must activate unlimiteds pre-fare-hike before March 11th to obtain their full value. Or you’re gonna get screwed.

9. To revise an old headline of ours, “Nothing’s fun about the MetroCard fare hike, but you already know that.”

10. Again, we’re sorry.

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