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Brick-Hurling Robot Beast Foreshadows Our Terrifying Future [VIDEO]


Boston Dynamics, the contractor with a DARPA contract to make frightening robot novelties for the U.S. military, has come out with a new nightmare-inspiring video.

This latest video release comes after Boston Dynamics first unveiled an un-knockable-overable quadrupedal robo-mule called the “Big Dog,” and then, on a lark, weaponized it with bull horns.

All of which was a little alarming, but we took comfort in the fact that if we ever met one of these things in the wild we’d at least be able to outrun it. Then Boston Dynamics dropped a video of a new four-legged death-machine-in-training called the Cheetah, which can achieve top speeds of 28.3 miles per hour, somewhat faster than the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.


Also, they’ve got a bipedal humanoid robot coming out this year that can walk, climb, and use human tools.

Meanwhile, in unrelated technology news, scientists at Duke recently announced they’ve successfully wired the brains of two rats together across the Internet, allowing one rat to communicate with and direct the actions of the other.

All of which is just to say that if you’re a young person today, there seems like a pretty good chance that you’ll spend the back half of your life contending with a terrifying menagerie of super-strong, ultra-fast, and alarmingly agile weaponized mecha-monsters controlled remotely by the disembodied vat-soaking brains of whatever vicious animals are not yet extinct.

It is a wonderful and exciting time to be alive. Ours is truly a generation blessed by history.

Here’s the new video:


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