Gay Nightlife Competition Heats Up: Here’s The Dish


John Blair and Beto Sutter recently left xl–the gay dance club on West 42nd Street–but I hear the Saturday night event that they used to promote there is still super crowded without them.

But that could change.

I hear Blair–along with Alegria promoter Ric Sena–will start Saurday night gay bashes at the new Hell’s Kitchen club Stage 48 later this month.

Fight back!

That’s the club with all the fire alarms, either due to heat problems or disgruntled rivals–but other than that, it’s a sleek, happening space.

Meanwhile, Fridays at XL have been facing off against Penthaus bashes in the Copa rooftop. It seems like weekends have become extremely dancey–and competitive–for gays, and someone might have to eventually lose out.

But hey, competition is always healthy. Right? Right?

And moving from xl to Xelle–the two-girls-and-a-drag-queen supergroup–they premiered their new Zach Adam-directed video, “Hologram,” at Norwood last night. (See below for the video.)

It’s a fun, interactive romp–very Abba meets Josie and the Pussycats–whereby the crowd got to pick which gal to follow as they tried to free kidnappped disco diva Martha Wash.

After the screening, the group said they not only created a video miracle, they saved a life in the process. In the background of their shooting at Roosevelt Island, a man tried to kill himself by jumping in the river!

A production guy promptly alerted the authorities and he was saved.

And so was Martha Wash! (And my career. I cameo as a bumblebee. True story.)

Now it’s on to xl. I mean Penthaus. I mean Stage 48….