George Bush Senior: I’m Hurting For My Son


CNN got ahold of the updated book All The Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writing, and it reveals lots of pain and suffering Bush felt on behalf of his beloved son, the 43rd President, George W. Bush.

“My heart went out to him” after Hurricane Katrina, writes dad.

“Here is a guy who cares deeply. Who wants every possible resource of the federal government brought in to bear to help people, yet he is being roundly accused of not giving a damn…

“The critics do not know what is in 43’s heart, how deeply he feels about the hurt, the anguish, the losses affecting so many people, most of them poor.”

That’s sweet–though when a man launches a heinous war for bogus reasons based on utter fabrications, it’s hard to get too choked up about his alleged concern for the underprivileged.

Sorry, but to me, that always made 43 a big zero.